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The Unipower HPL series load monitors display power in units of %kW where this value represents a % of Full Scale for the unit as configured.

Full Scale Power (100%kW) = x V' x I'

Full Scale Power (100%HP) = x V' x I' x 1.341

where V' is the rated voltage printed on the side label and
where I' is the actual Full Load amperage for the unit.

To convert %kW, first calculate the Full Scale rating and then pro rate accordingly.

Input Power (kW) = x V' x I' x %kW

Input Power (HP) = x V' x I' x %kW x 1.341

Enter Rated Voltage V' : V
Enter Programmed Current range : A
Enter CT Primary rating : A
Enter CT Secondary rating : A
Rated Full Load Current I' :
Full Scale Power :

Reading kW% in kW or HP
Enter %kW : %
Actual Power at measured %kW :

Programming Shaft Power in kW%
Enter Shaft Power :
Enter Motor Efficiency : %
%kW : %kW

Programming Shaft Torque in kW%
Enter Torque :
Enter Shaft Rotational Speed : RPM
Enter Motor Efficiency : %
%kW : %kW
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